A rich thirty-year-old got bored and decided to take sixteen teens on a trip around the world, but first they have to survive the dangerous side of the U.S.A. Every trip they make in the U.S., they will have to vote someone off their team. Who will win VTW

Made by Zoey <3

Contestants (Sign-Ups)Edit

Two Per User

  1. Tia - IN$F
  2. Dawn - INSF
  3. Teddy ~ Teddy
  4. Brighton ~ Teddy
  5. Rex - Kokori9
  6. Drason - Kokori9
  7. Quinn - Zoey
  8. Violet - Zoey
  9. Davis - Johnny
  10. Natalia - Johnny

On The Plane (Episode 1, Pre-Chat)Edit

Host: Heh heh, you don't know meh name. >:D

Dawn: Greetings citizens of the Universe

Tia: *stares at her, then looks away*

Drason: don't care host guy

Host: Aw, tear. Anyway, since you don't care my name's Drake. 8)

Drason: whatever

Dawn: *meditates*

Teddy: Oh my gosh, it's so happy to be here!

Brighton: Hello everyone.

Violet: Hey!

Quinn: *purses lips and looks around* My name's Quinn.

Tia: No cares honey....

Quinn: Nice to know.

Drake: Alright, I think it's time for you guys to know about the "Tell The Secrets Room", AKA the TTSR. You can confess anything, say anything you want and no one will know except for the viewers and, well, me!

Natalia: Hi I'm Natalia.

Violet: Hey!

Quinn: (TTSR); With just sentence, I know I'm not going to like Tia. At all.

Teddy: (TTSR: This is such a cool place! *Applies makeup'* Oh yes, you look beautiful Teddy!)

Brighton: I don't have any secrets, so I have no need for it.

Davis: Umm? Hi.

Natalia: (TTSR) Violet seems nice.

Violet: Who doesn't have secrets? By the way, that was a rhetorical question.&nbsp

Dawn: (TTSR) Hopefully I can win this show, so I can donate the money to Mother Earth and nature. That's all that matters to me. *meditates*

Brighton: I don't have secrets Violet, and I don't care if that was a rhetorical question.

Violet: How? (SR: Seriosuly, HOW!?)

Brighton: I'm just brutally honest.

Teddy: Oh my gosh, so cool!

Violet: Oh, wow. (SR: Wow, I'm speechless.)

Tia: *just stands there* (SR: Uhh, why am I here! No-one likes me! Just give me the money and let me leave...)

Quinn: *glares at Tia* (SR:Well, Tia isn't really doing anything. Not really socializing. Why do I care so much? I don't know, probably because of what she said to me. And don't say "Oh, she's overreacting", because I will get her eliminated.)

Tia: *glares and turns around* (SR: Wow! Now people are glaring at me! Everyone hates, no matter where I am! *sobs* Be strong Tia!)

Violet: *goes to Tia* Something wrong?

Davis: ??? (SR: Everyone is ignoring me!)

Quinn: *walks to Davis* Hello, what's your name.

Davis: Hi! I'm Davis! (SR: Finally I'm not invisible here)

Drason: *stands still with arms crossed*