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  • I live in Your Dreams, That's Why They're Sweet
  • I was born on March 18
  • My occupation is Writer, Actor, Dancer... Typical Guy : )
  • I am A Pretty Awesome Dude
  • AverageHero

    So, I know that the users here have busy schedules and so do I what with school and other wikis, but...

    I feel like I've just failed. I'm not trying to make people feel sorry for me by making some kind of depressing theme, but I just feel like nothing I do spices this wiki up, which is why I want you guys to vote for a new founder.

    As soon as a new founder is elected, I'm most likely going to depart the wiki. I had a sort of good run, but I think I'm just not the right person for the job as THIS Wiki's founder.

    Being my specialty resides more so in Total Drama Wikis, I'm taking a chance and have made a wiki designed for Total Drama Roleplays, which we know has failed many times. Hopefully I can make it work. It's called the Total Drama Networ…

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  • AverageHero

    This is Avi, your friendly wiki founder! After a recent chat with some of the admins over chatango, I've decided to create this blog as a haven for the new "Wiki Improvement Project"! I want to make our wiki awesome which is why I'll be working to make our wiki look good, be more fun, and get into rhythm! And I'll definately need you admins' help!

    -I propose that we work to bring new features to our wiki like weekly roleplaying games over IRC or Chatango, more small weekly activities like polls and puzzles on the wiki, newsletters to give you guys the scoop, story reviews, and MORE!

    STATUS: In Progress

    -Once we get more stuff, I propose we make this wiki look even more awesome! We can keep up with the featured logo contest, and we can also ma…

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  • AverageHero

    Rising Stars...

    December 19, 2011 by AverageHero

    Ello, Hola, & Bonjour! It's AH!

    An all new singing competition has arrived...


    And YOU guys get to audition, compete with ORIGINAL songs, and the best will recieve a MYSTERY PRIZE & be forever known as the wiki's first RISING STAR!


    1) AUDITIONS - Audition through comments by stating the following:

    • What name you wish to be known as a User...
    • Whether you're a Boy/Girl...
    • Description of the song in a few words: Genre, Tempo, Instruments, etc...
    • The Name of your original song...
    • A (MIN) 5 lyrics or (MAX) 10 lyrics...

    2) BOOTCAMP - The Auditions Accepted will be cut down until we get 12: 4 solo girls led by ZANNA, 4 solo boys led by REX, and 4 groups led by ME.

    3) LIVE SHOWS - Performances will be scheduled for one night each week, …

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  • AverageHero

    Ola, Ello, & Bonjour!

    This is your friendly Founder, Average Hero, speaking!

    Anyways, since this wiki has been going on for about 3-4 months, we've gotta step up our game!

    That's where all YOU guys come in!

    I want you guys to brainstorm ideas that YOU think would help the wiki!

    Please Comment!

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