An adventure to find the world's last hope for survival.

(Written by Johnny)


One night long ago a powerful star crashed onto the earth. The star had enourmous amount of energy it was too much that it caused the land to flourish around it. The people were so grateful that they celebrated, however one person saw that the star's power could help them rule the world so he attempted to steal the star. The people were scared of the chaos that would be caused from the person's control of the world so they went to the star and begged for help so out came a shining warrior. The person who called himself Darkonus fought the shining knight but almost defeated him, the knight the split the star into many pieces and scattered around the planet. That was the legend of the star fragments. It is now the year 2012 but dark forces are slowly rising now only a secret missing piece of the legend that was never found might just be the world's last chance of survival.

The Unfinished LegendEdit

It was a dark night and a couple were walking down a street. "Mary wasn't that the best time of our lives," Said a man.

"Oh John the best times of my life are the times I'm with you," Responded a woman. And then out of no where came a dark cloud from which you can feel pure evil and chaos, it suddenly went and attacked the couple. "Ahhh! John help me," Scream the woman as she was being attacked.

"Mary! I'll save you," Said the man. He tried to attack the cloud but his fists went right through it. The cloud stopped attacking and the two ran away. "He He He," A deep evil voice coming from the cloud laughed, "how fun it is to cause panic but I must wait for soon the world will be under my command." the voice said and he laughed.

"I was walking down the hard to see path of the Amazon Rain Forest and then I saw a strange sight a temple in the middle of the area I was exploring so I decided to go in and there was only one room and in the center of it was a scroll I jumped and crawled my way through traps and I retrieved it and I wanted to wait before openning it I wanted to show it to you first." Said a man.

"Thanks Uncle Chris" Said a kid in response.

"No problem Alex, well here it is." Chris says as he brings out a sealed scroll.