Nine friends are supposed to head to Hollywood, and they board a train. One of them has a premonition of the train derailing, killing everyone except two. After the premonition, nothing is the same. And the person who saw it all will never be the same again.



  • James Reynolds
  • Nicole Johnson
  • Westley Dane
  • Faith Clark
  • Stephen Power
  • Jenny Bird
  • Melissa Penman
  • Lewis Penman
  • Danielle Bond


Chapter One - The TrainEdit

The wheels of the large train stopped. It's white paint was shining, as it was a very bright day. It was March twentieth, the first day of summer vacation for nine eighteen year old high school seniors.

James Reynold glanced at his map of the train routes, observing them. He and his friends were heading to Hollywood for the whole vacation, and he wanted to make sure they got there instead of somewhere else.

Nicole Johnson and Jenny Bird were sitting on the small little green bench placed in front of a larger map of the train routes. Nicole pointed at it.

"James, you know you can just look at this." she said, and James nodded at her. Nicole laughed for a short while then returned to talking with Jenny.

"Well, it says that it won't take long, because we live close to Hollywood." said James. Westley Dane grunted as he patted James on the back.

"Look, James. We live in Falls Town, Los Angeles. We can drive to Hollywood and be there in a day or a few more hours. Why the f*ck are we going by train?" asked Westley, and Jenny spoke up.

"Well, Westley, maybe if you listened to James when he gave the small anouncement about his car breaking down, you would know!" she said.

"Hey, we all have cars!" Westley replied. A man then stepped out of the train, calling for everyone to get on board.

Faith Clark, Melissa Penman, and Danielle Bond were chatting aimlessly as everyone else boarded. Melissa's brother, Lewis Penman, smacked his sister on the head as he passed by her.

"You girls should get on the train. Unless, you know, you want to be left behind. I have no problem with you being here while the rest of us are at Hollywood." Lewis pointed at Melissa as he wrapped his arms around Faith.

"Baby, don't be so rude to Melissa!" Faith playfully pulled Lewis's nose, and walked to the train. Lewis soon followed, and Danielle flipped her hair dramatically as she whispered to Melissa.

"They so need to get a room. They've ruined my eyes with their love stuff, but I think their love talk are destroying my ears." she said, and Melissa giggled as she gossipped with Danielle on the way to the train.

The inside of the train was nice. With soft, red seats and shiny windows that were recently cleaned, it would be hard to find something wrong with the comfort and service.

James was getting into a seat next to Nicole as somebody screamed. Everyone looked up to see Danielle reaching for her brush on the ground.

Stephen Power laughed at her as she gave him an angry look. "You really got to stop being such a drama queen." he said, and Danielle stuck out her tongue as she took a seat next to Melissa.

"She's never gonna stop, so you shouldn't even try." Westley told Stephen as they sat next to each other. Lewis and Faith sat together in the seats behind the two boys as Jenny had to sit next to a stranger she didn't know.

"Hello." the old stranger said, and Jenny smiled uncomfortably and waved at him. He nodded, and shook Jenny's hand. She forced her hand out of the grip as soon as she could.

"Welcome to the Dye Train, where we value customer service. If you would like anything during the train ride, please notify us by pressing the button above you. Our train pretty much works like an airplane. So, I hope you enjoy your ride. We'll be leaving really soon." a lady working for the train announced. She walked into the door leading the conductor's room, and everyone got back to their business.

"So, what are we doing again?" Nicole asked, and James planted a kiss on her forehead.

"We're going to do a lot of things. We'll all have fun, trust me." James replied. He went in for another kiss, and Lewis and Faith were kissing too.

"Does your brother do anything other than make out with Faith?" Danielle asked, and Melissa nodded.

"It's sad! He loves girls so much, that the only thing he really does with all his girlfriends is make out with them." Melissa replied.

There was a tug forward, and the train slowly began to move away from the station. James looked out the window, suddenly feeling scared.

"What's wrong?" Nicole asked. She could see that James was slightly shaking. He shook his head, and took out a water bottle from his backpack and took a big gulp of water.

"Everyone please put on your seatbelts. The Dye Train will now be running on the maximum speed the speed limit allows, so do not get up unless you ask for permission." a voice said from a speaker above.

"They talk to us like we're little children." Westley said, playing with his little toy car he kept with him all the time. Stephen shook his head at the toy.

"You still have toys? That sucks, dude. This is what a real man has." Stephen took out a sharp, small steel knife. Westley jumped back a little, then forced Stephen to put it away.

"Why the hell would you have a knife with you, man? Are you trying to kill people or what?" Wesltey looked around to see if anyone saw.

"Naw, I'm just trying to be safe, that's all." Stephen replied, and raised his eyebrows as he turned around, looking at Melissa and Danielle.

"What do you want?" asked Danielle, and Stephen quickly pulled the knife in Danielle and Melissa's view. Both of the girls screamed as Stephen and Westley cracked up with laughter.

"Could you guys be quiet?" Jenny asked, pointing at the old man sleeping next to her. Stephen rolled her eyes, stretched across the aisle, and pulled the knife up to Jenny's eye, barely missing it.

"You f*cker! Ugh, just quit playing around!" Jenny crossed her arms, her face red from anger. Stephen put his knife away, and Westley looked out the window again.

"The train is going really fast." Westley said.

"It's supposed to, that man just said so." Stephen replied.

A few minutes passed, and the train's speed kept on rising. The railroad engineer was distracted as he was talking into his phone, his wife screaming about their son dying in bed. A staff worker tried to get him to get off the phone, but he wouldn't.

"Don't be so stupid! Get off the phone and slow the train down!" the woman said, and the engineer shook his head, trying to slow the train down while talking on the phone. The woman tried to pull the phone away, but the engineer would just not let go of it. He accidentally increased the speed, and continued doing so while thinking he was decreasing it.

"Quit! Get off the damn phone!" the woman took control of the speed, slightly slowing it down, but it was too late. The train had began to derail.

"What the hell?" James said as he looked out the window. He could see the wheels leaving the tracks. He quickly turned to his friends.

"This train is derailing!" he screamed. No one seemed to believe him as the derailing had just began. "This train is about to get off it's tracks!" he screamed again, and everyone looked out the window.

"Oh sh*t!" Lewis cried out as he saw the whole train slightly jump and leave the track. He grabbed Faith and forced her to duck down with him as the right side of the train was scratched heavily by barbed fences. Behind the barbed fences was a view of a military school and a tunnel.

"There's a tunnel!" Faith screamed, and finally the windows were broken open as the train began to get faster and the barbed wire's force was getting strong. Everyone was running around, panicking, and everyone on the right side were trying to avoid being sliced by the barbed wire that was now reaching into the broken windows. Soon enough, James opened his window, and checked what was ahead. The tunnel was still pretty far away.

"Guys, get out the windows and call out to the engineer!" James commanded. Going to the door leading to the engineer's room wouldn't work, as he witnessed a woman trying to open it but failed.

James and his friends reached out the left windows, waving their hands. Danielle noticed that the barbed fences has passed, but left a large scratch on the edge of the train. She ran to the right side and stuck her head out of the window to see a better view of the tunnel ahead, but the barbed wire ahead surprised her. She was about to pull out of the window when Lewis accidentally bumped into her back, causing her head to be pushed further out the window. Her whole face and neck was sliced by the barbed wire, and her body fell out of the window and onto the tracks.

"Danielle!" Lewis screamed, looking out the window. Getting back in, he was glad the barbed wires have passed, and he saw the small dot of red on some of them from Danielle's face.

"We're about to reach the tunnel!" a man cried out, and James ducked down with Nicole. Everyone did the same, except Lewis, who was trying to find Faith in the crowd of ducking people. There was a large crash as the train his the tunnel, and Lewis was thrown out the window out of force. He tried to get up but some of his forehead was ripped off by the speeding train's bottom, and soon he was run over by the end wheels.

"No! Lewis!" Faith screamed, and the train was flooded with darkness as it got deeper into the extremely long tunnel that lead down. Melissa pushed through the group of people, desperate for her dead brother to come back.

"LEWIS! LEWIS!" she cried, but suddenly the train's left wheels crashed onto the track, causing the train to go right. Everyone tripped to their right as the wheels began to send concrete from the tunnel ground and walls everywhere.

"Ah! Westley, duck!" Melissa dashed towards Westley, who was about to be impaled by a sharp piece of concrete. She pushed him out of the way but was pierced by the concrete. It landed right in her stomach.

"Melissa!" Westley ran to Melissa, and found that a lot of people were dead from being impaled by the flying concrete. He wished that the tunnel was ending soon, or that the train would somehow get back on the track somehow.

Suddenly, the train began to become unbalanced, and the Dye Train's special train cart lock that held each train cart in place broke, and the last cart flew into the wall. In the last cart was Melissa, and Westley had just managed to hand on a chair, preventing him from being crushed like the others from the last cart.

"Westley, take my hand!" Jenny screamed, offering her hand for her. As Jenny tried to save Westley, James bashed on the door leading to the engineer's room, crying for help.

"Do something about the f*cking train!" James yelled, but knew nothing could be done. As safe as the Dye Train was supposed to be, with it's high-quality metals and locks, it could never be saved from the severe derailment it was going through.

"Westley!" Jenny took a strong grip of Westley, but he accidentally pulled her back as he got back in, and she was thrown into the ground really hard, and her spine was severed as it was forced into the track.

"No, Jenny!" Westley began to reach out through the broken, open space he was almost thrown out of. Stephen pulled him back in though, and pushed him to the chair as Stephen fell out the train, having the same fate as Jenny.

"No! F*ck!" Westley now noticed that he, James, Nicole, and Faith were the only ones alive in the remaining train carts.

"What happened to Jenny and Stephen?!" James asked, and Westley's tears spoke for him. James could see the suffering all of them were going through by looking at their eyes, and saw that they all regretted ever going on the train. James noticed that Westley was right. They should have gone by car.

Suddenly, they exited the tunnel, and the train slightly jumped as the left side was forced onto a part of the track. The jump caused Faith to trip over Westley and to fall out of the open space, being crushed by the wheels against the concrete platform.

"NO!" Nicole screamed, crying heavily. She hoped for all of this to be over soon. She had witnessed too many people die.

As the train sped through the platforms, it reached an open grassland. James saw a highway to the left, and knew that they were almost at Hollywood.

"Yes, we're finally going to get through this..." Westley sighed, but suddenly the left part of the train jumped out of the tracks, and it moved freely through the grass. This did not last long, and soon the train began to flip over. James, Nicole, and Westley ducked once more, and as their cart was in the air, Westley was forced into the wall, and when it landed on the ground he was pulled out of the train by force, causing him to be crushed by the speeding sideways train as it sped over him.

James and Nicole had held on to the seats, saving them from the fate Westley had gotten. The train was getting slown down by the grass, and after a few minutes the train finally stopped. James and Nicole have survived.

"It''s over!" James cheered, but looked at the wrecked mess. The train was only three carts now: the last remaining cart, the front cart, and the engineer cart. All the other carts were destroyed, and so was everyone else. James began to have a major headache, and he fainted, only seeing Nicole reach for him.

"James...James!" Nicole said, pulling on James's shirt. He woke up, and looked around. Everything looked the same. Everyone was talking happily, not dead. And all of the carts were attached.

"What...what happened?" James asked, standing up. Nicole forced him to sit down.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"The train, it crashed!" that was the only words James could get out of his mouth. Soon enough, the lady walked out of the conductor's room and began to speak. "Welcome to the Dye Train, where we value customer service. If you would like anything during the train ride, please notify us by pressing the button above you. Our train pretty much works like an airplane. So, I hope you enjoy your ride. We'll be leaving really soon."

James gasped. All he saw was a hallucination. But wait, what if it was a premonition? The lady did repeat what she said during the premonition.

"We have to get off this train." James ordered, and the lady gestured for him to sit down. He shook his head and walked to the door.

"Please sit down, gentleman!" the lady cried out as James forced the door open by kicking it several times.

"James!" Nicole cried out, following him.

"What the heck? What's going on?" Jenny asked, looking concerned, and soon she was following Melissa and Danielle out. Soon enough, all of James's friends were off the train.

"What the f*ck was that for?" Westley asked. James looked at all of them with fear.

"I had a vision...a vision that that train is going to crash and kill mostly everyone." James said. He took a deep breath, and waited for a reply.

Chapter Two - The PastEdit

After what seemed like forever, Danielle finally spoke up.

"Ugh, whatever! That train was not going to crash, and you know that." Danielle turned around and charged out of train station as the train began to descend. Stephen spat at James's feet, and followed Danielle.

"Not cool man." Lewis said, and cuddled with Faith as the two walked out of the station. Westley followed, and Nicole approached James.

"James, what was that for?" she asked, thinking that her boyfriend had gone completely insane. James just brushed past her, following the others. As soon as he stepped foot on the parking lot, he heard a loud scratching noise.

"The train!" he yelled, and everyone turned and watch the train get terribly scratched by the barbed wires that killed Danielle in James's premonition. Danielle covered her eyes, yelling, "I hate that noise!" and ran to her car.

"Oh my gosh!" Faith yelled as the train entered the tunnel, making horrible noises that were so loud that they could be heard from the parking lot. Everyone turned to James, and he was speechless.

A few hours later, they were all at the police station. Just like that, the cops have found them. One of them have seen Jenny leave the parking lot, and had forced her to call James and everybody else. In the room they were sitting in, a police officer named Richard Adams sat down in a chair, papers in his hands.

"Hello. I'm here because this girl right here," Richard pointed at Jenny. "Told me that a boy named James said he knew the Dye Train was going to crash. Now, which one of you is James?"

James rose his finger, and Richard nodded his head.

"So how did you know the train was going to crash?" Richard asked.

"I had, uh, a premonition of almost everyone dying because of the train derailing." James replied.

"Almost everyone?"

"Yes. Everyone but me and Nicole."

Richard looked through the group, and when his eyes spotted Nicole, she rose her finger in the same fashion James did.

"Ah, I see. I need all of you to leave except James and Nicole." Richard shooed everyone away, and began interviewing the two.

When they finished, Westley walked to the door, hearing Richard call them 'plotters' and 'insane kids'. James and Nicole exited the room, and James just walked out of the station.

"What happened?" Westley asked.

"Well, James told Richard what happened. After that he called us plotters and told us we were just completely insane." Nicole replied.

"I'm sorry, Nicole. This was all my fault. The police wouldn't think of you as an insane person if I was quicker at getting out of that parking lot." Jenny said.

"No, it's okay. I'm going home with James tonight, I'll see you guys later." Nicole left, leaving everyone else just standing there.

"Well, I'm going home too. All of this pressure is crushing me." Lewis said, and walked out of the station with Faith following him. Westley, Stephen, Jenny, and Danielle left soon afterward.

At James's house, Nicole found him on the computer, searching something on the internet. She placed a cup on the coffee table. James's parents had left for a date at the restaurant, and James's took this time to research about premonitions. Suddenly, James grabbed Nicole by the arm and showed her something.

"Look." he simply said, and on the screen were newspaper articles about people who have had premonitions about disasters, and later survived them. The first one was of Alex Browning having a premonition of an airplane crashing, then later surviving it, then having all of the other survivors die except him and a girl. The others were similar except for the disasters and person having the premonition.

"Oh my gosh..." Nicole slowly looked at James, knowing that their friends were in trouble. "Well, we don't know if all of this is the same scenario for us."

"Nicole, I had a premonition about the train. Everyone but you and me died. Then, I got us off the train, and it derailed just like in my premonition. This has to be the same scenario!"

"Well, none of our friends have died yet." Nicole turned around and sat back down on the couch. James sat down next to her, putting her hand down when she tried reaching for the television remote.

"Yet. And anyway, the first article talks about how no one died until a month later. For all we know, no one will die until next year." James said.

"Well, I guess we'll have to keep watch then, just to be safe. Who died first in the vision?" Nicole asked, trying to reach for the television remote once more, but failing as James got it and put it behind him.

"Danielle. We have to make sure she doesn't do anything that will cause her to die."

"James, how do we know that something she does will cause her to die? She could be randomly walking across the street and get run over like that girl from the airplane thing."

"I don't know, but tomorrow, we have to keep watch of Danielle."

"Fine." Nicole got up, and walked to the door. "I'm going home, because I need time to adjust to all of this. You should get rest too, James. If we're going to keep watch of Danielle, I don't want her to keep hearing stuff she doesn't want to hear, like you rambling on and on about death." she exited the house, and drove away, leaving James sitting there.

Why does this have to happen to me..., he thought to himself.

Chapter Three - Music to the EarsEdit

A day after the train accident, James and Nicole have gone everywhere where Danielle went. It was good news that nothing strange happened to Danielle or any of the others. The next day after that, Danielle had gotten tired of the two.

"Look, I'm going to be fine! Stop following me." Danielle said to James and Nicole at their house. They have invited her to watch a movie, but Danielle knew that this was to keep her from doing something.

"Danielle..." James began, but Nicole placed her hand on his mouth.

"It'll be alright. She's right, we can't follow her twenty-four seven." Nicole whispered to him, and she then turned to Danielle, who was tapping her foot impatiently.

"So, can I go now without you two stalking me?" she asked, and James nodded reluctantly. Danielle squeeled with happiness and immediately ran out of the house. James looked at Nicole as she tried avoiding the subject by turning on the television. James was about to say something when suddenly the television roared with extreme volume.

"Turn it down!" James yelled, and Nicole grabbed the remote and turned it down. She gave a James a faint smile, and slowly made her way to the kitchen as she could tell he was angry for letting Danielle go and almost blasting his eardrums.

Meanwhile, Danielle had driven to the park, where she found Lewis, Faith, and Melissa hanging out. She approached them, dangling her keys in front of Melissa's face.

"Hey, Melissa. I'm like, going to my dad's studio to listen to some music. You wanna come?" Danielle asked. Melissa raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Why can't you just go home and listen to music there?" she asked, and Danielle shook her head.

"Oh, Melissa. When you're rich, you just don't listen to music at home. You go to a studio! Now, Faith, would you like to come?"

Faith shook her head. "No thanks. I'd rather be with Lewis than listen to music" she said, and Lewis kissed her on the cheek, and they started giggling and whispering to each other. Melissa rolled her eyes.

"Well, maybe you can drop me off home. Lewis won't let me in his car." said Melissa, and Danielle jumped with cheeriness and ran to her car.

"So, why does your dad have a studio?" Melissa asked as Danielle drove them to Melissa's house.

"Well, he likes to record music, so he bought the studio to make his own songs. Also, you can play music at the studio with better quality, so most of the time me and him just go there to enjoy some nice tunes." explained Danielle, and Melissa nodded. As they reached Melissa's house, Danielle rolled her window down, throwing Melissa's purse at her.

"Don't be so forgetful!" she yelled.

"Oh, bite me!" Melissa yelled back, and she walked into her house. Danielle then drove to the studio, where she found nobody there. She got out of her car, unlocked the front door, and entered. As usual, there were many steroes and amplifiers placed around the studio. She took a CD, which played Johnny Cash's song 'Train of Love'. She placed it in a stereo, then put her water on top of it. The song began, and Danielle began dancing as she turned the volume to the half mark.

"Train of Love's a comin'!" she sang to herself, then remembered to get her phone. She took a block on a table and placed it on the front door to prevent it from closing and locking. She walked to her car, got her phone, then walked back to the door. Unknowingly, Danielle accidentally makes the doorknob loose by hitting it hard with her phone, and since the doorknob was old, it became loose.

"When she's not gone..." she sang, swinging her head left to right, enjoying the music. She passed by the stereo, swinging her arms now, and softly hit the stereo playfully.

"I sit and wait, because I'm still believin'!" she sang, then hit the stereo playfully again before sitting back down. The water bottle falls, the loose cap coming off the top, causing water to spill all over the bottom of the stereo. The water reaches the nearby electrical output, making the stereo go haywire, causing the volume to gradually rises.

"Oh yes." Danielle said, pressing replay on the stereo. She then turned up the volume to three quarters of maximum, causing the electrical output to go even more crazy, making the volume gradually rise even faster. Just then, her phone rang. It was Nicole. Danielle didn't hear it, as the volume was too loud, and Nicole was put on voicemail.

"Um, Danielle. I just want to apologize for me and James stalking you like that. So um, wherever you are, enjoy your vacation. Sorry that all of this had to happen to you." Nicole said, and pressed send.

"What's next..." Danielle murmered to herself as Train of Love was coming to an end. She couldn't find anything else, so she just pressed replay again. The water had reached the elctrical output for the amplifiers, and soon, the amplifiers began rising the volume even higher. Danielle turned the volume down, but she dropped the remote, and it fell in the water, causing the lid covering the batteries to come off. The water touched the batteries, making the volume rise even higher.

"Oh no." Danielle said to herself, and she tried turning the volume down on the stereo, but it wouldn't do it. She covered her ears as the volume started getting way too loud, and she tried to open the door so she could get out, but the doorknob wouldn't open the door.

"Sh*t!" she cursed, trying to kick the door, but it wouldn't open. She covered her left ear while reaching for her phone with her right hand. As soon as she pressed a button on the phone, it went to voicemail, preventing her from calling anyone.

"Come on!" she frantically pressed 'End', and then called Melissa.

"Hi," Melissa said, and Danielle started talking, but Melissa cut her off. "Sorry I couldn't answer your call! I'll try to get back to you later."

"No!" Danielle threw her phone on the ground, covering both of her ears, as the volume was getting way too loud. She began screaming, her ears in pain. She crawled to the electrical output to try to unplug everything, but the volume had gotten even louder, and she fell to the ground, her head spinning, her ears in extreme pain. She then knew that the recording room had soundproof walls, and she slowly crawled in there. As soon as she opened the door and crawled in, the extreme high volume of the music broke the large glass wall, causing glass to fall over Danielle. She screamed in agony, and crawled to the electrical output that powered everything else by using electrical extension cords. As the volume had gotten so unbelievably loud, she reached it, but before she unplugged it, her eardrums blasted, and she was immediately electrocuted as her hand touched the metal part of the electrical plug. Danielle screamed, then fell to the ground, dead.

Chapter Four - The PlanningEdit

Flashbacks of Danielle's suffering passed through James's mind. He had walked to the store, when suddenly he heard 'Train of Love' playing so extremely loud from the studio. It must've been louder than anyone could tolerate, because it hurt even his ears when he entered the store. Inside, the customers and staff were covering their ears.

Now, he was at Danielle's funeral, a week after her death, with her family and friends. They knocked down the studio door with a large bench, because it just wouldn't open. They found Danielle's body on the ground, tons of blood flowing out of her ears, and her arms looking as if they had been fried.

Nicole walked up to James as Danielle's mother, Candice, gave a speech. She nudged him on the shoulder, then when Candice was done, Nicole took James's by the arm to talk to him privately.

"You were right." she simply said, and James slowly shook his head in agreement and mock.

"I told you. I knew we shouldn't have let Danielle out of our we have to keep watch of Lewis. I'm not losing another friend." James gave Lewis a quick glance, and he was consoling Melissa, who was crying heavily. Nicole turned James's face back to hers, and gave him a nod. Neither of them were going to let Lewis get out of their protection. Meanwhile, Lewis had finally had enough, and had tried to console Melissa.

"Melissa...please stop crying." said Lewis, patting his sister on the back. He didn't really know what to do.

"No! She's my best friend! ...was my best friend." Melissa began crying even harder, and walked away from Lewis, who did not make her feel any better.

"Melissa!" Faith and Jenny ran to Melissa, and they all hugged and cried at the same time. Westley and Stephen watched the three, weird looks on their face.

"Why do chicks always cry it out?" Stephen whispered.

"I don't know, but dude, Danielle died. This sucks." Westley said, and Stephen nodded. Then, Lewis softly punched Stephen in the back, and the two shared a handshake.

"What's up?" Westley asked as people began leaving the funeral.

"Nothing much. I'm tryin' to get Melissa to cheer up, but that ain't working. I'm bringing her to the lake today, no matter what she says. She needs to relax." replied Lewis.

"The lake? Which one?" Stephen asked.

"Me or her have never been there, but to be honest I don't think anyone that we know has ever been there. It's by that little factory on the hill."

"Never knew there was a lake. That factory's so old."

"I would go, but I'm gonna go catch a movie with Jenny. She's been hanging out with as much people as she could since she found out Danielle died." said Westley.

"Oh, cool. Have fun with the Bird." Lewis joked, and then he walked up to Melissa, and wrapped his arm around Faith.

"What?" said Melissa, looking impatient with Lewis.

"Hey, could you be a little nicer to the guy who's taking you to a lake?" asked Lewis, brushing his hand through's Faith's hair.

"Which lake?" asked Melissa.

"That lake by the factory on the hill. You'll have fun." Lewis took out a lighter, letting a small flame burn. Melissa rolled her eyes and walked to the car.

"Melissa!" Jenny cried out, scaring Lewis, and he dropped his lighter and it landed on Faith's arm, burning her.

"Ow! Lewis!" Faith yelled, and Lewis took his lighter and put it in his pocket.

"Sorry babe! Hey look, I'm gonna go now. Stay safe." Lewis kissed Faith, and she kissed him back.

"Have fun at the lake! Watch over Melissa, she's going through a tough time." said Faith, and Lewis nodded. As Lewis caught up with Melissa, who was talking to Jenny, James and Nicole were in their car with a notebook in James's hands.

"So, in my premonition, Danielle died first, and then Lewis was next. Melissa was third, Jenny fourth, Stephen fifth, and Westley sixth. We both survived." James said, and Nicole nodded.

"Okay, so if we're following the pattern right, Death should be trying to claim Lewis's life soon. I heard Lewis talking about the lake near that factory with Westley and Stephen. We should head there and keep watch of him." said Nicole.

"Good idea." James wrote something down on his notebook, leaving Nicole to just sit there, thinking.

"You know...a trip to Hollywood led to a death of our friend. James, do you know why you had that premonition?" Nicole asked.

"No. No I don't."

"Oh...well anyway," Nicole shook out of the short, depressing moment. "I'm glad Lewis is trying to keep Melissa happy. I bet all that sadness is eating her alive."

"Yeah, well if we don't leave soon, Death is about to consume Lewis. Let's go." James's turned on the car, then followed Lewis as he drove to the lake.

Chapter Five - The Crushed and the EatenEdit

"Why are we going to the lake?" Melissa asked out of no where, taking Lewis by surprise. He turned to her, smiled, and returned his focus to the road. Ahead was a sign saying 'Beware of Sharks!', but it was pushed down by the wind, as it had gotten so old.

"Well, the smile tells me a lot." she said, and Lewis rolled his eyes, avoiding the negative impact his sister was having on him.

"Well, everything seems fine...we should mark out 'car accident'." said Nicole as she watched Lewis in front of her. She had black shades and a black hoodie, as well as James.

"No, we really shouldn't." said James simply, and turned to the side when he noticed Lewis about to check the rearview mirror.

"Well, okay. So what are we supposed to do? Watch Lewis and Melissa swim?" asked Nicole.

"Nope. Well, yeah. We watch them and try to save them if we see anything wrong."

"Ah, okay."

Meanwhile, as James and Nicole 'stalked' Lewis and Melissa, Westley and Stephen were at Jenny's house, where they found Faith on Jenny's laptop, searching something really quickly.

"Um, what are you doing?" Westley asked, and Faith held her palm to his face, silencing him. Stephen chuckled, playfully punched Westley on the shoulder, and sat down with Jenny.

"Okay, so James hasn't told me this, but there are five other incidents like the one that happened to us." said Faith, keeping her eyes on the screen. Everyone huddled around her as she pointed at certain parts of the articles. "The first one was a bridge collapse thingy. The second one was an airplane crash. The third one was a pile up, fourth one a roller coaster crash, and the most recent one is a race track freak accident."

"Wait, so a survivor of all of these things had a premonition?" Jenny asked, and Faith nodded.

"Why would you look this up?" Stephen asked.

"Well, Melissa's little depression moment made me think about how James said he had a premonition, so I looked it up, and here I am." said Faith.

"Oh, well, why are you here?" asked Westley, and Faith stuck out her tongue at Westley and closed the laptop.

"Man, seeing Melissa like sucks." Stephen said.

"Yeah, I know right?" said Jenny as she stood up to feed her fish. She dropped fish food into the sink, and then dropped a little colorful rock. The rock immediately fell on top of a fish food piece, and another was quickly swallowed by a fish.

"Why a rock?" Westley asked, turning on the television.

"I don't know." Jenny replied, and Westley threw a piece of lint out of his pocket, and it caught on to Jenny's eye as she sat down. She yelped for a moment, then slapped Westley in the knee.

"Gosh, you're trying to kill me, aren't you?" Jenny jokefully threw the piece of lint back at Westley, and the four began watching a movie.

Finally, Lewis made it to the lake. To get there, you had to drive up a long hill, where a small factory was located, then drive down another one to make it to there. The factory seemed to spill any toxic stuff behind it, so the lake was mostly clean enough to swim in. James and Nicole parked the car behind a tree, leaving the front seat window far out enough so the two could keep watch of the siblings.

"What's all these bottles for?" asked Melissa, pointing at the mass of glass coke bottles at the back of Lewis's car.

"Oh, me, Westley, and Stephen had an outing the night before the train trip. We drank a bunch of soda." Lewis replied, changing into his swimming clothes. Melissa followed suit. As Melissa put her clothes at the back seat, Lewis pushes her into it jokefully, making a bottle rattle out of the car and roll into the lake. It begins floating slowly away.

"What was that for?" Melissa laughed as she pushed Lewis out of the car. He ran to the lake, and as he was at the part where only his upper chest could be seen, he dived in.

"Leave some space for me, fatty!" Melissa shouted as she ran into the water.

"I'm not fat! It's just that you've already taken up all the space, that's why you need more." Lewis joked, floating in the middle of the lake. It was surprisingly big, and to the left, you could see a stream that seemed to never end.

"What is that stream?" Nicole asked in the car.

"It's a long stream. It's actually big, big enough for a shark. I think it leads to the Pacific Ocean." James explained, and Nicole nodded, putting the binoculars back to her eyes.

Melissa was so far enjoying herself when suddenly, she felt a sudden breeze. She shivered, looked around, then dismissed this.

"Watch out for any bottles or sea urchins." Lewis warned.

"Oh whatever!" Melissa shouted, and she dived in. She couldn't see much except a pair of legs, and she had a devious smile on her face. She swam to Lewis's legs, and was about to pull him down when suddenly, Lewis pushed her down, and soon they were deep in the lake. They looked at each other; both were already running out of air. They both swam to the shore, and Lewis got out, Melissa coming out right after him.

Near the factory, a large, circular rock was placed behind the factory, and when Lewis's car passed by, it began to rattle, and the loud music made it worse. A worker from the factory took out a drill, and began drilling the ground, making the large rock beginning to fall down the hill.

"No!" the worker screamed, running towards the rock, but he was too late, and soon, the big rock passed by James's car.

"What was that?!" Nicole screamed, and she and James got out of the car quickly, running towards Lewis and Melissa.

"Lewis!" James warned, pointing at his car, but it was just too late. The worker near the factory was screaming, distracting Lewis, and the big rock hit his car with such great force, it had begun to tip over. He got out of the water, and squinted his eyes to get a better view of the worker.

"What are you guys-" Melissa began, but she stepped on the bottle that fell out of Lewis's car, and blood spread through the water. Lewis was about to turn around when suddenly he saw his car about to fall on him.

"Lewis!" James and Nicole scream in unison, and Lewis tried to run out of the way, but the rock had returned, as it had bounced off the car, rolled back a few feet up the hill, then ran back into it. The car fell on top of Lewis, crushing him.

"No!" Melissa attempted to get up, but she stepped on the bottle with the other foot. She felt like an idiot as she fell in the water, and Nicole ran to her as James tried to push the car off of Lewis, even though he knew he could not be saved. By now, the blood has attracted a small shark to the end of the lake, and since both of Melissa's feet were disabled now, she sinked into the water, and Nicole jumped in after her.

"Nicole! Nicole!" James yelled after her, but she was already underwater. She saw Melissa floating down to the lake floor, trying to scream, her eyes yelling out pain. The shark had smelled the blood, and was now swimming towards Melissa. Nicole eyed the shark, then swam as fast as she could to her friend. As she was about to take her hand, the shark opened it's mouth, and Melissa's head was soon eaten by it. Nicole's eye widened in fear, then she swam down, dodging the shark, and punched it in the nose, making it distracted for a moment. She swam for the shore, kicking the shark in the nose again, and ran to James, who had given up on Lewis's crushed body.

"Where's Melissa?!" James asked frantically, and Nicole could not get the words out of her mouth. She simply got in the car, made James follow her, and said, "We failed. Again."

"Sh*t!" James kicked the car door, and grabbed his phone. He called Westley.

"Hello?" Westley answered.

"Westley...come to the lake."

Chapter Six - Another AttemptEdit

Westley and the others had soon arrived at the lake. The upside down car, the pool of blod pouring out from beneath it. The odd red tint to the water. Everyone knew what had happened.

"!" Faith cried out, running to the car, bashing her hands on it. She could not believe her boyfriend had died. Just this morning, she was saying goodbye to him.

"F*ck!" Westley swore, putting his head down in shame. Last Saturday, they were supposed to head to Hollywood, but James prevented them. Then on Monday, Danielle was found dead. Now, it was Saturday again, and two more of his friends had died.

Suddenly, a man dressed in all black walked up to them. He nodded as he passed by, and when he brushed by James, he quickly whispered, "Death won't stop 'till he gets what he wants." Everyone watched the man aimlessly walk away, and then turned their attention to James, who was pale white now.

"Where the f*ck did he come from?" Stephen murmured, looking shocked as he looked behind his shoulder. James gulped, then walked towards Jenny.

"What?" Jenny asked as James put his hands on her shoulder. It was two days until school started, and he was not losing any more friends. Nicole's eyes widened as she knew now that Jenny was next on Death's list.

"Oh no...Jenny. I don't care what you're going to say to this, but you are not leaving my sight. Or James." said Nicole, and Jenny raised her eyebrows, then she gasped.

"I'm...I'm next...aren't I?" Jenny asked, and James nodded. She shook her head, not wanting to believe it. Faith's jaw dropped as she walked back up to them.

"Okay, maybe we can mess up this whole line of death process. What if...we claim another person's life? If we do that, Death might think we filled our deed by filling our space in the premonition with the person we just killed." Faith explained. James was clearly confused by this.

"So what you're saying is that if we kill someone, they will take our place?" James asked, and Faith nodded. Jenny did not like the idea.

"I'm not killing anybody so I won't die! I deserve to die, apparently." she simply said, and Stephen clapped his hands in front of her face.

"What the crap are you sayin'?! Kill someone, god d*amnit! I ain't letting you die!" Stephen screamed, and Jenny rolled her eyes and walked to Westley's car. Westley turned to James.

"Well, if she's not sacrificing herself, we're going to have to keep her alive ourselves. Come with us." Westley walked to his car, along with Faith and Stephen, who were both discussing about the idea of killing people. James and Nicole walked to their car, and drove out of the lake quickly. Nicole turned around, a tear leaving her eye as she remembered seeing Melissa's head get mutilated by the shark.

"You should just forget about it." James said, and Nicole turned around. She knew it was best to forget about Lewis and Melissa. They were dead after all. But so was Danielle, and Nicole could never forget any of them.

Westley drove to Jenny's house to drop her off, and Stephen immediately got out of the car and jumped into his.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?!" Westley called.

"I'm not facing with any of this bullsh*t! I'm gonna enjoy myself at the water park and get some hot *ss to spank!" Stephen started his car, and quickly to the water park. Faith got in her car, following Stephen.

"Alright, well Westley, go with Faith. Watch Stephen as closely as you can if you can't get him to get out of the water park." James ordered, and Westley nodded and followed Faith. Meanwhile, James and Nicole stormed into Jenny's house.

"Where are your parents?" Nicole asked.

"They're out of town. My aunt comes by every night to check up on me." Jenny told them, and she grabbed her purse and put on her shoes. James ran to the door, blocking Jenny's way.

"You're not going anywhere! We made this mistake with Danielle, and we're not making it with you." James said, and Jenny still attempted to get out, but James gently pushed her back, making her sit on the couch.

"Come on! I don't want to be stuck here all weekend with you two!" Jenny's eyes began to tear as she remembered seeing the aftermath of Lewis and Melissa's death, and this made her finally agree to stay.

"That was easy." said Nicole.

"Well, um, can I at least please go to the store? We have no water here, and my aunt's going to mad about that." Jenny said, and James thought about this for a moment.

"I'll go with her, James. Besides, what could happen in a store?" asked Nicole.

"Nicole...from what happened to three of our friends, anything could happen at a store." James stared at the two, and got his phone. He opened the door, and offered to let Jenny out.

"If you're going to the store, we are too. We're not letting you out of our protection. I know I sound like a dad, but I'm serious about all of this." James's face had become sad, and tears rolled down his face. Nicole's eyes began tearing too as she got her purse.

"Thanks." was all Jenny could let out. She walked out of the door, followed by James. As Nicole readjusted her purse, she accidentally knocked over the little coat hanger, and she didn't hear it fall on a picture of Jenny as she had closed the door. There was a crack on the picture. It was right at Jenny's left eye.

Chapter Seven - The Eyes of DeathEdit