Galark smashed into me, my ribs were cracked. He laughed at me, his yellow teeth were shown. His teeth were twirly and point, which really creeped me out. Then, he started charging at me with a spear. And he stabbed me, I lost a life...


The moon glittered in the night sky, my heart was rising. At the moment, I only had one life. But, that all changed. The moon granted me nine lives, it was like the moon was colliding with my heart and soul.

The next morning, I woke up feeling like last night was just a dream. But, I knew better last night was real. I looked at my palms, they had ashes on it. I didn't know from where, but they were there. My mom came into my room looking anxious.

"Riley, honey?" Mom whispered. "There were some noises coming from your room last night."

"That was nothing I just fell," I lied.

"Oh, okay," Mom didn't sound like she believed me.

She had reasons, I'm a terrible liar and she knew it. My brother came in a few minutes later with a waffle in his hand. "Are you goin' to eat breakfast," he said in between bites.

"Yeah, just a moment," I changed into different clothes and went to the kitchen for breakfast.

Chapter One-Moonlit DreamsEdit