An adventure across the lands of mystic and wonder to save the world from an evil force.


In a land where magic and wonder rules a split into 8 mystic power sealed away each one guarded by an ancient beings of massive power lots of people tried to find each of the powers for united the with them in their grasps would be the most powerful being in the world.

Chapter 1: And so the Search BeginsEdit

"So the legendary power was split into 8 each one guarded by a ancient master the Angel of Light, the Dragon of Thunder, the God of Fire, the Tortuse of earth, the Serpent of Water, the Snowman of Ice, the Bird of Wind, and the Bandit of Darkness each one guards their piece of the power they protect it form dark and evil menaces." Read a man.

"I know the story and when a menace so evil that their surroundings wiether when it's near the Guardian of Hope will call upon a young, brave, and truthful soul to defend the innocent from the evil by collecting each of the eight pieces of power." Interupted Mike.

"I know your tired of this legend but it might just be true." Ressponded the man.

"Maybe, Uncle Sam." Said Mike.

"Not maybe ABSOLUTLY it is absolutly true." Said Sam.

"Whatever." Mike managed to say.

To be Continued...